Forest Engineering Richard Vrand is a born wood sourcer and producer based in Belgium and well established on the European market. Acting on a strong technical knowledge, our company sources its quality hardwoods out of Belgium, Northern France and Luxembourg.

About us

Richard Vrand is able to offer its customers a broad supply of high quality European Hardwoods:

  • Round timber: Oak, Beech, Ash, Maple, Sycamore, Chestnut, Cherry, Poplar, Pine and many other varieties
  • Sawn timber: Square edged timbers, Oak beams & boards
  • Solid wooden flooring: Ash, oak and beech

We offer competitive prices, high-quality timber, prompt delivery and an excellent service and follow-up!
We supply logs to the primary woodworking industries such as furniture factories, veneer factories, flooring factories, moulding factories, sawmills, etc. either in Europe, Asia and North-Africa.

Do not hesitate to contact us, should you have a specific inquiry or wish to have some information.

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Team Richard Vrand

Richard Vrand

The Forest Hunter


Wood products in all aspects. We are at your disposal for all your enquiries!

  • European timber

    Richard Vrand has been sourcing and harvesting since 45 years and has a reliable experience on the European market: he specializes in all European Hardwood such as Oak, beech, ash, maple, cherry, chestnut, alder, lime, softwood and many other varieties.

    From the woods to your yard, we take care of everything. We export our timbers throughout the world: Europe, Asia, Far East and Africa. We focus an all segments in the wood industry: sawmills, flooring manufacturers, veneer and peeling specialists, even the paper, furniture and plywood manufacturers. Do please not hesitate to contact us for further information.

  • Tropical hardwoods

    Thanks to our international network developed over the last 45 years, we can offer any species in all its qualities to suit your needs.

  • Sawn Timber and Oak Beams

    Depending on the actual market situation, most competitive prices will be quoted to you.

  • Oak wood for barrels

    Mainly from Eastern European countries, in quality, color and thightness of the grain.

  • Flooring and solid wooden doors

    Vast choice of products, according to your needs: solid, laminated, glued, a vast variety of thicknesses and widths.

  • Waterworks, Hydraulic projects, Dike reinforcements

    An experience of ours is the delivery of oak poles for the pontoons in Venice (Italy). Do not hesitate to forward your inquiries, we shall the appropriate solution for you.

  • Classical, technical, special plywood panels

    Over more than 40 years we have been supplying the board industry, either MDF, OSB, Fire retardant board, water resistant boards, flax boards, etc. We have good contacts with Asia. Quality, prices and special inquiries are part of our major priorities. Do you need advice or you have an inquiry on panels, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Energy Wood

    Fire wood in all its dimensions, pellets, wood chips and wood for industrial use. We can offer volumes at very keen prices.


Richard Vrand - The Forest Hunter

schonekeerstraat 96, Lauwe

8930, Belgium